Dong Van Mountain Lodge

Dinh Đá H'Mông

Lots of tourists feel sad when they see tall buildings ruining the pretty mountains. At Dinh Da H’Mong Lodge, we keep things local so you can be part of the Ha Giang community when you vacation here.

Enjoy a comfortable stay that also respects local culture.

Rooms with unique decor
Tranquil space
Relaxation with a special herbal bath
Local cuisine
Bar, coffee and distinctive mountain flavors

Deluxe DBL Thumnails


Spacious rooms with ensuite bathroom. Relax with a special herbal bath.

Play Video about Bồn tắm trong phòng hai giường đôi
Bồn tắm lá thuốc người Dao Đỏ

Private Herbal Bath Service

Experience "healing" with a private herbal bath service for guests staying at Dinh Da.

Bar & Restaurant

Dinh Da Lodge serves you with special drinks made from local fruits such as plum, peach and local pear. The restaurant serves set menus with typical Vietnamese family dishes.

Dinh Đá H'Mông - Karsterly Rock Lodge

To conquer the steep and treacherous pass, one must experience the "Original" highlands.

Dinh Da - Karsterly Rock Lodge; is a lodge inspired by cultural architecture. With the desire to bring authentic highland experiences to travelers who want to explore the beauty of Ha Giang. This is the second accommodation in the journey to preserve the "highland charm" of the ancient Chúng Pủa house. From the outside, the lodge is surrounded by the characteristic stone wall of the H'mong people, inside the lodge is the architectural style of a traditional wooden house, with a historic tiled roof. In early 2022, the building was started with the talent of skilled H'mong craftsmen, and the dedication of the owner who spent over 10 years collecting precious wood, stone mortars, antique electrical equipment, and native household items. All of these have come together to create the modern amenities of a hotel. Dinh Da Lodge provides accommodation, herbal bath, dining, and organizes mountain camping trips.

Location of the lodging near Dong Van town center, 1.4km away from the town center.

Address: Ngài Lủng, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang, Vietnam, 20506