Visiting the Dong Van Sunday Market – Experience the Vibrant Highland Culture

Chợ Phiên Đồng Văn

The Dong Van market is located in the center of Dong Van district, adjacent to the old quarter area. This fair market only operates once a week, on Sunday mornings, the same as Meo Vac Market. Both markets open at 5 AM and reach their peak crowded time from 7 to 9 AM. We recommend visiting the market during this time to fully experience its beauty.


The Dao people at Meo Vac market
The photo shows a group of Dao ethnic people socializing in a local market.
The market view

The best thing to do here is to observe the local Viet Nam atmostphere or trying to find a local product such as: hemp clothing, mint honey, give a tasting in local crusine.

What to eat in Dong Sunday Van Market?

Here are some of the local food you sould try:

  1. Banh Cuon – steam rice roll
  2. Thang Co – a soup from cow viscera
  3. Soi Ngu Sac – Colorful sticky rice
  4. Com Lam -Bamboo tube rice
steam rice egg
Banh Cuon in Dong Van
Thắng Cố
Thang Co
Soi Ngu Sac = Color ful sticky rice
Soi Ngu Sac – Colorful sticky rice
Com Lam – Bamboo tube rice

If youre looking for a restaurant in Dong Vam then our recommended restaurant: Green Karst Restaurant

at Dong Van sunday market
at Dong Van Sunday market
people selling knife
A shop selling butcher knives.
Alcohol testing at the dong van sunday market
In the Dong Van Karst Plateau region, corn wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage due to the local cultivation culture. You can find people selling corn wine in every ethnic market around Ha Giang. Now let’s explore the cattle market, one of the unique parts of the market. Corn wine seller
dong van cattle market
Dong Van Cattle Market

After visiting the market, you can head to the Ma Pi Leng Pass and travel to Meo Vac town or visit the Nho Que River. Alternatively, you can explore other famous destinations in Dong Van, such as the Vuong Palace (10km) and Lung Cu National Flag (35km).

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